Hi, My name is Christian.

I would describe myself as a " film student turned Web Designer + Entrepreneur "

Some of my passions include; cameras, computers, cars, drones, design, e-commerce, economics of reselling, music festivals, sneakers + streetwear, and all things Apple.

I enjoy spending my time building things on the internet, creating digital content, producing & photographing music festivals, collecting sneakers, trying all kinds of food, and traveling.

I currently work at Apple.

Previously, I founded Ultralightbeam Creative - a technology consulting + web development / digital marketing agency with the goal of creating bespoke web experiences while generating high quality organic traffic.

Online, we can create custom websites + e-commerce stores, provide organic lead generation, SEO optimization, and digital growth strategies. Offline, we create original digital content such as social media deliverables, photo + video content, and corporate branding.

We leverage new and emerging technologies to help our clients stay ahead of the curve in the ever changing digital frontier. Our skillset + network of partners allow us to tackle creative and technical challenges of all shapes and sizes.

Before that, I was the co-founder of The Supreme Saint. We were the first Software as a Service to automate the web checkout process for Supreme New York. We acted as a broker for the transaction and charged customers a fee upon successful checkout for their desired product. Our software was able to automatically check out thousands of items on behalf of customers seconds after the product released.

I sold my half of the business in 2019 and now provide consulting services to the sneaker & streetwear industry.

Read more about it in our WIRED Magazine feature here.

I enjoy working with brands, businesses, artists, doctors, real estate agents + creatives both near + far to bring their creative visions to the digital world.

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